Ways to Escape the Heat in Jefferson Texas

Historic Jefferson Museum

It is miserably hot here and everywhere else in the South.  It is hard to believe that it can get this hot anywhere outside of the Sahara Desert.  This has been one of the most brutal and unforgiving summers that I have ever lived through.  Last night at 8pm, my thermometer read 104 degrees.

A photographer friend of mine keeps posting pictures that he took in last winter’s snow storms on Facebook.  I stare at them and dream of cooler and much wetter days.  My soul needs a rainy day.  So I sat down and thought of ways to cool down this weekend.  Here is my list.  Tell me whatcha think.

Eat a Blue Bell Ice Cream store from the Jefferson General Store.  Our general store still has an old fashioned Soda Fountain so you can cool off and be nostalgic all at the same time.  If you aren’t in the mood for a cone,  how about a root beer float?  Just think how good you will sleep when you come off your sugar high.

Take a dip at one of the many beaches at Lake o’ the Pines.   Seriously, there is no better way to cool down then by jumping in the water and Lake o’ the Pines is one of the prettiest lakes in East Texas.

Take a ride in a go-devil on Caddo Lake.  I will even help you set this one up.  Imagine how much cooler you will feel with the wind blowing through you hair as your boat skips across the swamps and bayous.

Spend a day in the air conditioned comfort of our many museums including the Jefferson Historical Museum.  This beautiful red brick building was built in 1890 and has been both a federal courthouse and a post office.  Today it is one of the most interesting museums in all of East Texas.

We only have a few rooms left here at the Carriage House B&B.   Don’t forget that we are running a construction special while we restore and remodel the kitchen.  $79 any room, any night, no breakfast.

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