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A Sweet Surprising Generous Gift

August 24th, 2011 by carriagehouse


Feed My Lambs, Feed My Sheep. The Meals and Memories of a Lifetime.

Today has been a wonderful day full of surprises and gifts.  Mother Nature finally gave us some respite from this drought and this heat.  It has been raining all afternoon and my little thermometer is reporting a temperature of 72 degrees.  It has been so unbearably hot that 72 degrees feels cold.  I am going to have to put on long pants before my Chamber of Commerce meeting in an hour.

The rain was not my only surprise today!!

The greatest gift I received today came in the mail from my sweet Aunt Gloria up in beautiful Traverse City, Michigan.  Much to my surprise, the mailman had a package for me today…a book.  In fact, a wonderful inspirational book about a woman who has journeyed from being a nun to being an innkeeper.  The book is full of wonderful prayers and inspirational thoughts.  The book is also full of yummy recipes.  I can’t wait to get my new kitchen in so I can try some of these out.

Thank You Aunt Gloria!  Your sweetness brought a smile to my heart today!


Pulpwood Queen’s Girlfriend Weekend

January 6th, 2010 by

Did you know that the largest book club in the world is based out of this fine town of Jefferson, Texas? It is true! The Pulpwood Queen’s Book Club is the brainchild of Kathy L. Patrick owner of the Beauty and the Book Salon located only two blocks from The Carriage House Bed and Breakfast.

When Kathy, a licensed cosmetologist turned publisher’s rep, lost her job due to industry cutbacks, she wasn’t deterred by this setback. Only a few months later, she opened Beauty and the Book, the world’s only combination beauty salon/bookstore. An instant hit with customers, who flocked to the store for her dual beauty/book tips, Kathy soon founded The Pulpwood Queens of East Texas. The group meets monthly in official Pulpwood Queens attire—anything that includes hot pink, leopard print, and the obligatory tiara—to eat, drink, and talk books.

The Pulpwood Queens motto is “where tiaras are mandatory and reading good books is the RULE”! This group’s mission is to promote literacy and help undiscovered authors get discovered in a great big way. The Pulpwood Queens now have clubs in over eight countries with 200+ chapters globally.

These fine ladies will be having their annual conference here in Jefferson from January 13th through the 17th. The schedule for this conference can be found on the club’s website by clicking here.

We still have a few rooms available for this conference. You may go to our website to make your reservation online or call us at (903) 665-9511.

Happy Reading!

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