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Today’s Fare at Jefferson’s Farmers Market

June 17th, 2011 by carriagehouse

Fruit and vegetables

 Jefferson’s Farmers Market will be open today from 4pm to sundown. Here is a partial list of what you will find there today.

Tomatoes (OMG! I love farm fresh maters!)
Peaches (On Sunday’s menu)
Blueberries (I am freezing these for winter!)
Locally produced honey (Get rid of those allergies!)
Homemade jams (Ever had Mayhaw Jelly? No…then you don’t know what you are missing.)
Fresh herbs (Boy, are these wonderful for cooking. You never knew plants could add so much to a meal!)
Grass-fed Beef (Steaks make a great Father’s Day gift!)
Natural pet foods and treats (Dixie and The Bug are big fans and they deliver for free to Jefferson!)

Who you will find at the Jefferson Farmers Market

June 8th, 2011 by carriagehouse

Schelling Pots and Gourdes

Last Friday was the Grand Opening of Jefferson’s Farmers Market.  I was able to break away for a few minutes from the bed & breakfast and go browse the wares.  I picked up some wonderful organic granola that the students at Jefferson Christian Academy made as a school project.  I bought some fresh peaches for Tom and I to enjoy and picked up a sample of some organic dog food for Dixie and The Bug.  There were more than just fruits and vegetables their however, several vendors also had some wonderful crafts.

Bob and Lynda Schelling ended up in Jefferson like so many people.  They drove through this charming little town and fell in love with Jefferson and the Caddo Lake area and decided to purchased a house on some acreage.  Lynda started a garden and ended up growing more vegetables (green beans; red, yellow, and green peppers; tomatoes; squash; fresh herbs) then she and Bob are able to eat so she gives most of it away.  She also had a ton of gourdes in her back yard and so she used her talents to begin making them into one of a kind collector pots.  If you are interested in seeing more of her work, go to her website.

I will be making a return trip this afternoon to Jefferson’s Farmers Market.  Tom wants some watermelon.  If you are going to be coming to Jefferson this summer, our Farmers Market should definitely be a stop. 

Friday 4pm-sundown/sellout
Sunday 1pm-4pm
Wednesday 4pm-sundown/sellout

Grand Opening of Jefferson’s Farmers Market

June 2nd, 2011 by carriagehouse

Fruit and vegetables

The day that I have been anxiously awaiting is almost here…the grand opening of our new Farmer’s Market.  Jefferson has needed one for a long time and I want to congratulate and thank the team that put this together.  As an innkeeper, I am darn excited about having access to organic farm grown fruits and vegatables.  As a citizen, I am thrilled to be able to buy local and spend my money in my community where it will do the MOST good.

Here are a few facts about our new Farmers Market.  There will be all sorts of products that are strictly grown or made within 50 miles of Jefferson Texas, including soaps, meats, veggies, granola, baked goods, honey, and more.  Jefferson is in a very rural part of East Texas so we have a fantastic access to these products that other parts of the state will not have.  50% of the vendors must sell agricultural products.  The rest of the products sold can be high value goods such as soap or lotions that are produced here in Marion County (or in one of our adjacent counties within 50 miles).

So next time you are at the Carriage House B&B, you will not be served fruits and vegetables purchased at Walmart or the grocery store.  You will be served delicious organically farm grown fruits and vegtables.  We all know how incredible fresh berries taste or how wonderful a vine ripened tomato can be to enjoy and I am thrilled to be able to offer these to our guests.

GRAND OPENING -This Friday (6/3/11) @ 4pm

The Famers Market will be located in the empty vacant lot next to the Dairy Queen on Hwy 59 (203 S Walcott St, 75657).

Operating hours: (June- December)

Friday 4pm-sundown/sellout
Sunday 1pm-4pm
Wednesday 4pm-sundown/sellout

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