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Meet Peg, The Wonder Dog!!

April 11th, 2013 by carriagehouse

Peg the Wonder DogI would like to introduce you to the newest Carriage House Bed and Breakfast team member, Peg.  Peg is a 1.5 year old Lab/ Pointer mix and she is all puppy.  This sweet girl was adopted in February from FurrEver Pets and has been working hard for the last six week on socialization and getting used to life at a B&B.

If you look closely, you will realize that Peg is a Tripawd.  The first part of her life was awful and she has been abused horribly bad.  She was eventually thrown out along side of the road and shot.  They missed…Thank you Lord.  She was picked up and taken to a vet in Gilmer where her left front leg was amputated.

She still gets a little nervous around men.  So if she doesn’t come running up to greet you, give her some time. She has come a long way in 6 weeks and will be your best friend before you leave.  She LOVES belly rubs so that is an awesome way to say Hi to her.

Happy Birthday to the Dixie girl!!

October 11th, 2011 by carriagehouse


It is hard to believe but today our sweet Dixie turns 9 years old.  May we all age this gracefully and beautifully.  She is a little grayer around the face but that is just wisdom showing through.

It’s a Bug’s Life!

May 13th, 2011 by carriagehouse

The Bug  
I stood there and proudly surveyed my work…piles of sorted laundry.  With a sense of accomplishment, I gazed at my piles, whites and unmentionables, dark colored clothes, The Bug, towels, light colored cloths.  My head snapped back…The Bug.  Gleefully and with joyful purpose, the puppy was busy scattering my piles. Grrr!  I angrily stomped my foot and sternly said “OUT” and pointed in an arbitrary direction.   Not to be out done, The Bug grabs one of Tom’s smelliest socks and takes off for the door to our quarters.  She quickly pops the door open with her snout and merrily takes off through the main house. 

Let the games begin!

What happened next was the Carriage House’s version of the 2011 Puppy Olympics with all of the usual events, Track and Field (The Bug), Cross Country (The Bug), the High Jump (The Bug), Gymnastics (me).  Into the dining room we went, with the Bug in front and me in a not so hot pursuit.  Under the tables, around the server, through the chairs and then into the parlor.  The Bug defiantly stops between two guests sitting in the parlor and grins at me from ear to pointy ear with a twinkle of mischief in her eye.  A gentleman, who had been trying to quietly enjoy his morning coffee,  reaches over and tries to grab The Bug, the sock, anything, but comes up with only air.

I, however, have the advantage.  She has to get past me to get back into the dining room and then into the back of the house.  She tries to dart past me.  My reflexes kick in and I grab at her.  I am able to get one finger around her collar.  Game over.   I get the sock from her mouth and then escort her back to our quarters embarrassed that I had disturbed our guests perfect morning peace.

It is not easy raising a puppy in a Bed & Breakfast.  The Bug wants a life with no limits and I want a room with no toys scattered.  She wants free reign of the property and I don’t want her in the guests room.  She wants the freedom to do what she wants, when she wants, and I don’t want her underfoot when the guests are checking in.  We can both be stubborn but I have wisdom and cunning over her.  She has speed and agility over me.

It is not a that tough of an existence for her though.  She has a large piece of property to play on and plenty of squirrels to chase.  Every day, new friends check in and they always have a willing hand to scrunch an ear or rub a belly.

It is the end of another busy day.  All of our guests have checked in and are out enjoying their evenings.  Breakfast has been prepped and the morning table has been set.  Dixie and The Bug have been out for their evening walk and had their dinner.  Tom and I are finally settling in for the night.

Tom sits down in his recliner and without any encouragement, The Bug jumps in next to him.  She nuzzles up close and gazes at him with heavy lidded, sleepy eyes. 

It is a Bug’s Life!

I’m with the Photographer

February 4th, 2011 by carriagehouse

Tom got up early this morning.  I mean really early.  By 5am he was in the kitchen banging around and starting a crock pot full of beans.  Dixie, the Golden Retriever, and I were for once in full agreement.  The bed was warm and the morning was not ready to be begun.  The Bug, however, was throwing herself against the sides of her crate whimpering and demanding to be let out. For a little dog, she can make quite a big racket.

By 6am, my beloved had enough of me lounging around and crawled back into bed with cold feet.  I guess he thought he was super cute when he woke me up by touching my warm legs with his ice covered toes. Why do people think it is cute to touch your bare skin with their cold feet?  Be clear, I will seek revenge for this crime of winter!

Tom couldn’t sleep.  He was too excited about the snow.  This far south, snow is unusual and a snow day is a day to be celebrated.  We are always amazed and inspired by the beauty of a fresh blanket of snow even if it looks odd clinging to the knees of a bald cypress tree in the swamps.  It only adds to the mystical and ethereal quality of this area.  Snow for us is a treat…a cold wet treat!

Just like a little boy, Tom couldn’t wait to go outside and play with his toys.  Of course, his toys are a gear bag full of camera equipment and going out to play with his toys somehow involved me getting out of bed and going with him.  So at the crack of dawn we were out pounding the icy pavement of Jefferson Texas.  We were everywhere.  We literally went from one side of the Historic Riverfront District to the other.  At one point, we were crawling along the banks of the Big Cypress Bayou holding on to trees to keep ourselves from slipping into the cold water.  We went up and down the streets getting pictures of these beautiful old homes covered in a blanket of the white stuff.  If you saw someone creeping and clambering through your yard, it was probably us.  Just in case you are wondering, I was the one in the back complaining about my feet being numb (no snow boots).

Photography is Tom’s passion, and as it turns out, he is really good at it.  From a distance, photography looks like a solitary pursuit.  Just a man and his camera out exploring and capturing the essence of nature.  In reality, every photographer has a tag along.  In the industry, I guess they call them grips.  In this household, we call them wife.  Rarely does Tom and his camera ever go out alone.  In truth, I enjoy the adventure as much as he does.  Through Tom’s eyes I have seen places and explored nature like I would have never done on my own. 

This passion was our inspiration for the Photography Weekends here in Jefferson.  One weekend each quarter we get photographers of all experience levels from all over the country together for a weekend of fun, fellowship, and photography.  Our next event is scheduled for 3/18 – 3/20 and we only have a few spots left so you should probably call us at 903-665-9511 to reserve your place. 

Oh and of course, bring your grip.

It’s a Dog’s Life at the Carriage House B&B

February 2nd, 2011 by carriagehouse

Well the Snowcation is over and it was back to work this morning.  Dixie roused me from bed at her usual time of 6.30am.  I don’t know how she learned to read a clock but I wish she would just decide to sleep in one day.  Or at least not be so demanding about me getting up with her.  And of course as soon as I let The Bug out of her crate, we are off to the races.  Coffee, breakfast, shower and then I plop in front of my computer to see what has come in over night.

The nasty cold weather has been keeping people from traveling all week and we have had no guests here at the Carriage House since Sunday night.  Tom bravely turtled his way back on the ice from Dallas this morning.  The normal 2.5 – 3 hour drive from Allen took him 5 hours but I am so thankful that he is home.

Dixie and her trusty sidekick, The Bug, come in mid-morning from a hearty wrestling match in the yard and Dixie goes running straight to her water bowl for a large drink of water.  I noticed several weeks ago that she was drinking more water then usual.  In fact, Ms. Beverly, our housekeeper has noticed it.  Dixie’s groomer, Ms. Tracey, has noticed it.  Everyone has noticed and commented on it.  At that moment, Dixie is lapping up water like it is 110 degrees outside which it clearly is not.  So I call the vet to make an appt and he tells us to come right in.  He too is not busy.

Now a quick trip to the vets office should be no big deal…right.  I just put Dixie on her leash and I throw her into the back of my SUV.  Simple!  Some how The Bug gets out the gate at the same time and self loads into the back of the truck as well.  “Fine”, I say “but you are going to have to stay in the car” and I spend the whole 2 minute drive trying to figure out how that is going to happen.  I decide the best way to approach this is to block the car door with my body there by controlling the access.  I open the door and throw my body in front of it.  The Bug goes flying over my head and straight to the door of the office.  The vet tech thinking she was being helpful opens the door and what ensues is a scene out of one of those British comedies.  Everyone is chasing The Bug through the office.  The Bug is in front followed by Vet Tech 1, the Vet, me, and then Vet Tech 2.  She runs from room to room dodging us under furniture and slipping between us as we all grab at her sprinting little body.  We finally trap her in the surgery room (the last place I would want to be trapped).  I catch her up and carry her out to the car where she spends the rest of the visit.  Poor ol’ Dixie has to get some blood work done.

Dixie as it turns out is fine.  No Diabetes and her kidneys are fine.  The doc says that she may just be thirsty.  However, The Bug has been diagnosed as being ADHD.  Quote…”you have to get up real early in the morning to catch up with her”.  Deep Sigh.  

Feeling that the days adventures are over, I sit down at my desk and start pounding out some work.  I glance out my window only to see The Bug dragging something the size of herself around the yard and into the breezeway.  Curious, I get up and go out to the breezeway where she proudly drops a dead and yet still bleeding squirrel at my feet.  Blech!  Yuck!  Aaargh!

You see, The Bug is a Feist Terrier.  If you are unfamiliar with that breed don’t feel bad.  They are a non-AKC approved breed and are only found in the rural South.  They are bred for the curious sport of squirrel hunting.  So I guess she was taping into her genetics and decided that now was as good of a time as any to go hunt a squirrel.  I double gloved before I picked up the nasty, oozing thing.

Ah well, the morning’s escapades wore out the puppy and Dixie and they both found there way back to their respective beds.  I finally have some peace and can get some work done.  My only fear is that the day is still young and there are plenty more misadventures to be had.  Just a quick nap and then back to business of being them.

It is a dog’s life.


Sunday Night Test Kitchen

September 9th, 2010 by carriagehouse

For some reason, I have been suffering from a writers block recently. I have sat here and stared at the screen not knowing what to write. I have been blank. Stuck. Empty. I have not even been able to come up with a topic to write about. Blank. Stuck. Empty.

I just took another phone call inquiring about our Sunday Night Test Kitchen. Unfortunately, we have had to our suspend our Sunday Night Test Kitchen until first of October due to …a puppy. I know. I know. How can a business operation be suspended for a puppy?

Sunday afternoon is the quietest part of the week. All of our weekend folks have already gone home and our weekday folks have not shown up. So Ladybug, the pup, and I head out for puppy school at 3:15 Sunday afternoon for an hour of learning. I consider this staff training. Every business needs to have a well trained staff that knows how to perform (behave) when duty calls. We are no different. Dixie, the old lady Golden Retriever, knows when to sit, stay, lay down, and roll over on command. Ladybug has to get to the same place.

Ladybug and I graduate the first week of October and we will resume the Sunday Night Test Kitchen again. Call (903) 665-9511 to reserve your spot today.

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