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The Carriage House Hosts Summer Corporate Retreats

June 21st, 2017 by carriagehouse

The Carriage House in Jefferson has had a record number of Corporate and Organizational Retreats in 2017 that have stayed with us or planning to this Summer. Organizations from Education, Military, and Business has found that a retreat in Jefferson is a great place to hold a planning, educational or strategy retreat. The Carriage House has the ability to transform its main room into a classroom or lecture style area to accommodate groups of up to 25 people and larger groups can be accommodated at the Jeffersonian Institute in downtown Jefferson which is a short walk away from the Carriage House Bed and Breakfast. Quitman School District, Barksdale AFB, Pro Train, TCEA, and Private corporations have found that Jefferson has just the right mix of relaxation and recreational activities to make for a productive getaway..of course, Jessi’s cooking helps too. We offer extras like Welcome Bar-B-Que’s, lunch and dinner plans, and of course the Breakfasts that we are known for. So if you’re company or organization needs a break from the city in a place that is a true “Retreat” then Jefferson Texas and The Carriage House Bed and Breakfast is the place for you. There are several other B&B’s that have agreed to participate if you need more rooms than the eleven we offer.

Just call Jessi and we can put together a custom package that will make your corporate retreat a memorable one 903-665-9511

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The Moy Grande Hibiscus Blooming at the Carriage House Bed & Breakfast

June 27th, 2011 by carriagehouse

Moy Grande Hibiscus

This is one of my favorite flowers and it is putting on it’s annual summer show right now in the gardens of the Carriage House Bed & Breakfast.   This showy flower is a great perennial for our hot and steamy summers in East Texas and has caught the attention of many guests the last few weeks.  Heck any plant that can hold up to this summer is worthy of my garden! 

This huge bloomer has been deemed a Texas Super Star by the Texas A&M’s AgriLIFE Research & Entension Program.  This is one of the many plants that we have planted in the newly restored gardens here at the Carriage House B&B.  We have spent a ton of time ripping out the all of the weeds and invasive non-native plants that the previous owners had planted and have replaced them with native or hybridized plants that want to live here in this soil and climate.

The thing that makes the Moy Grande Hibiscus such an interesting and fantastic plant is it’s blooms which are the size of dinner plates and are a very vibrant hot pink color.  Trust me, you will notice these flowers when you are in the gardens.  The plants at maturity are huge at seven foot tall and wide so you have to give them a lot space for them to be happy.  They usually start blooming around July 4th but got an early start this year because of the early and hot summer.  These big bloomers will keep up their show until early fall.

My favorite photographer, Tom, took this picture early morning recently.  He was as happy as a school boy to see the Moy Grande Hibiscus had started it’s summer show and had put on it’s first bloom.  He ran back into the house and grabbed all of his camera gear to get set up for just the perfect picture.  I hope you enjoy this picture and it brings you as much joy to look at as the plants in my garden do me.

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