A Cold Day in…Jefferson

It was about 6:15 this morning that Dixie began to stir and tried to get my attention.  I wasn’t ready to get up so I faked being asleep for another 5 minutes until the reasoning power of a Golden Retriever got me out of bed.  I opened the door to my quarters to let Dixie and Ladybug out to go potty when a bolt of lightening hit so close that all of Polk Street was lit up.  That was when I knew that today, Mother Nature was in control.

Tom went back to Dallas yesterday to get ahead of the weather.  He had a very important principle flying in from Denver and just had to be there to take her from account to account.  I kept telling him that there was no chance that her flight was going to make it in but it is just like a husband to not listen to his wife.  So now he is iced into a hotel in Allen and the principle cancelled her trip.  Hmmm.  I think I get a “I told you so” on this one.

The storms were just wicked this morning with tornado warnings and screaming wind.  The cold front went through about 7am and the temperatures began to drop right away. We don’t have any ice here but it is very cold.  In fact, it is so cold that I had to put a sweater on Ladybug because she refused to go outside.  Now she has on a cute little sweater and still requires some encouragement to go outside.

After I got the dogs and the cat fed, I jumped into the shower and did something that I have never done before.  I put a pair of flannel jammies on and popped my notebook out of it’s docking station and have worked from the comfort of my electric blanket all day. HEAVEN!!!!

Just in case you are wondering Mother Nature is still in contral.  It just started to snow!!

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