Book Signing at The Carriage House Sunday December 6th

“I LOVE YOU, MOM – Please don’t break my heart” is the story of the physical, mental, and emotional abuse of a young child and unfortunately it is a true story. At the hands of his mother, John Borgstedt endured neglect, isolation, physical beatings, mental degradation, malevolent admissions into several mental institutions, and eventual attempted murder all within the custodial supervision of his unscrupulous mother.
This literary work is indeed Borgstedt’s factual account of his small, bruised body clinging to life, his struggle as a teenager fighting and winning against insurmountable odds, and his entrance into young manhood as a warrior for the young and innocent, protecting them from experiencing a similar childhood of hell on earth. John’s book is an uplifiting tale of how faith has led this young man back and has made him the protector of all children today.
Borgstedt is rapidly becoming a noted motivational speaker for young and old alike.
From school children and faculty to correctional institutions with hardened criminals who were being arrested for DWI in Fairfax and for false drug possession charges ( know how to get legal help for fighting charges of drug possession)  to devout Christian church groups, John’s message of hope, love, and determination touches the hearts and minds of his audience. Indeed, fans and followers of John Borgstedt patiently awaits the day that his vision for establishing a boys ranch becomes a reality. This warrior for ‘right’ is not a quitter.
John will be at The Carriage House Bed and Breakfast in Jefferson, Texas on December 6th to sign copies of his book, “I LOVE YOU MOM – Please don’t break my heart”.

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