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Dinner Plate Flowers and Hungry Hummers

It was such an exciting morning here at the Carriage House Bed and Breakfast!

Tom came bouncing into the kitchen with the giddiness of a five year old with a lollipop. “I just saw a hummingbird”, he blurted excitedly while rummaging through the cabinet for a mixing bowl.  For some reason, all of our hummers came, spent about a month with us, and then took off again.  We’ve missed having them here.  Tom more then me obviously.  Tom busied himself with refreshing all of the feeders because “hummers don’t like stale juice.”

No sooner then he finished that project, he noticed that his favorite plant in the whole world had bloomed for the first time this summer.  One of our Moy Grande Hibiscus put it’s first bloom of the summer season on this morning.

Back in McKinney, I had planted a Moy Grande Hibiscus behind our swimming pool.  I had seen a write up about it in a magazine but couldn’t find it in a nursery or store any where.  Finally, I found one at the Wild Seed Farms in Fredericksburg and had a great excuse for a road trip. We planted it, and in June of that year, it put on it’s first bloom.  Tom was in love.

The Moy Grande’s blooms are the size of a dinner plate.  When it has it’s first flush of flowers, there is nothing like it in the world.  They are big and beautiful!

When we purchased this place and started restoring the gardens, Tom insisted that we plant some Moy Grande’s. So I ordered them (too busy for a road trip) and we now have three of them on the side of the house. Today was the start of their summer show.

Now that I think about it there is no better way to start the day then seeing little birds dart around and feed with giant flowers in the background.  It was such a great morning!

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