Fun at a South African Pig Roast

Last night, Tom and I went with a bunch of friends to Enoch Stomp’s Vineyard and Winery for their Memorial Day South African Pig Roast and Barn Stomp.  It was a terrific night to be with a great group of friends drinking amazing wines in a beautiful winery.  If you have never been to Enoch’s Stomp then you are missing some beautiful countryside.  The wine tasting room is on top of a rise overlooking miles and miles of rolling hills and forests.  It is truly a peaceful scene!

I have never tried South African food before and I must admit it was delicious.  A whole pig was slow roasted on a spit over an outdoor fire by their winemaker, Altus Koegelenberg.  I had to check this out as soon as I got there since I had never seen a whole pig on a spit before. The roasting pig definitely added a luau feel to the party.  We were also served Afrikaner sausage, Pap en Sous which is South African style grits, Rooster Koeke which I discovered was bread rolls cooked over a flame.  The food was so good and Tom somehow managed to scam them for seconds.   For our desert we enjoyed Koekstruif and vla (Trifle with custard and fruit) for dessert.   Simply yummy!

Because it had been Memorial Day Weekend, Tom and I were very busy with a full house.  This party was a perfect way for us to find some relaxation after a busy weekend and was a perfect way to cap off a holiday.  We all had so much fun that we decided to make this an annual events.

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