Have A Heart!

You may not know that I have a strong passion for the American Red Cross. This is an amazing organization that does so much good for so many people. When things go bad, we all look to the American Red Cross to come and help us and to provide us some assistance. The Red Cross logo is universally recognizable and we all put our faith and complete trust in the Red Cross personnel.
You may not also know that I am a member of the American Red Cross. When we lived in Dallas, I was a Disaster Action Team (DAT) Team Leader and a Shelter Manager. I would be on call on weeknights and weekends ready to provide immediate assistance should it be needed. It was not unusual for the page to come in during the middle of the night, in the pouring rain. Much of our work was to provide immediate assistance to the first responders and victims of fires. Winters are an especially busy time of year for us.
A horrific tragedy occurred in Haiti this week. Most of us cannot even begin to understand the suffering the Haitian people are enduring in this incredibly poor country. I am certain that the images on the evening news does not do the suffering justice. The death toll seems to be going up by the minute. Water is the most important commodity to these people. So many people, who may need pain-relieving items like those CBD Capsules, are injured and have lost their homes and even their family. The devastation is just unimaginable!
My heart breaks every time I turn on the TV and I want to do all that I can to support the American Red Cross at this time. Therefore, we are rolling out the “Have a Heart” campaign starting this weekend and continuing throughout the month of February. We will donate $10 of every room rental to the American Red Cross’s Relief Efforts.
Please pass this on so that we can all make a difference in the lives of the Haitian people and provide the funding the American Red Cross needs to do their job. Please call us at 903-665-9511 or email us at info@carriagehousejefferson.com for more information.

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