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It’s a Bug’s Life!

The Bug  
I stood there and proudly surveyed my work…piles of sorted laundry.  With a sense of accomplishment, I gazed at my piles, whites and unmentionables, dark colored clothes, The Bug, towels, light colored cloths.  My head snapped back…The Bug.  Gleefully and with joyful purpose, the puppy was busy scattering my piles. Grrr!  I angrily stomped my foot and sternly said “OUT” and pointed in an arbitrary direction.   Not to be out done, The Bug grabs one of Tom’s smelliest socks and takes off for the door to our quarters.  She quickly pops the door open with her snout and merrily takes off through the main house. 

Let the games begin!

What happened next was the Carriage House’s version of the 2011 Puppy Olympics with all of the usual events, Track and Field (The Bug), Cross Country (The Bug), the High Jump (The Bug), Gymnastics (me).  Into the dining room we went, with the Bug in front and me in a not so hot pursuit.  Under the tables, around the server, through the chairs and then into the parlor.  The Bug defiantly stops between two guests sitting in the parlor and grins at me from ear to pointy ear with a twinkle of mischief in her eye.  A gentleman, who had been trying to quietly enjoy his morning coffee,  reaches over and tries to grab The Bug, the sock, anything, but comes up with only air.

I, however, have the advantage.  She has to get past me to get back into the dining room and then into the back of the house.  She tries to dart past me.  My reflexes kick in and I grab at her.  I am able to get one finger around her collar.  Game over.   I get the sock from her mouth and then escort her back to our quarters embarrassed that I had disturbed our guests perfect morning peace.

It is not easy raising a puppy in a Bed & Breakfast.  The Bug wants a life with no limits and I want a room with no toys scattered.  She wants free reign of the property and I don’t want her in the guests room.  She wants the freedom to do what she wants, when she wants, and I don’t want her underfoot when the guests are checking in.  We can both be stubborn but I have wisdom and cunning over her.  She has speed and agility over me.

It is not a that tough of an existence for her though.  She has a large piece of property to play on and plenty of squirrels to chase.  Every day, new friends check in and they always have a willing hand to scrunch an ear or rub a belly.

It is the end of another busy day.  All of our guests have checked in and are out enjoying their evenings.  Breakfast has been prepped and the morning table has been set.  Dixie and The Bug have been out for their evening walk and had their dinner.  Tom and I are finally settling in for the night.

Tom sits down in his recliner and without any encouragement, The Bug jumps in next to him.  She nuzzles up close and gazes at him with heavy lidded, sleepy eyes. 

It is a Bug’s Life!

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