New Kitchen Almost Ready for Prime Time

Tom in New Kitchen

It is good to be back!!

After spending the last 8 weeks doing some major restoration work on the Carriage House B&B, we are almost ready to begin serving breakfast to our guests again.  We had to shut down the kitchen (and the main house) to do our final push in remodeling and the restoration of this 130 year old house.  We have been restoring this old house for almost two years now and this is the big (hopefully) final push.

The kitchen was ancient and not in a cool antique way but in an out of date wiring so we need to consider looking for experts like the ones on to work on this. For the leaky plumbing, it needed a plumbing repair. We had to contact nearby professionals like these technicians in Arlington. You may also look up plumbing repair in Seattle if you’re near the area. You may also need the services of companies like Moffett Plumbing & Air if your drains have constantly been clogging.

The appliances were beyond awful.  They were unlevel and cooked inconsistently.  The counter tops were cracked and the cabinets had holes in them.  It was a hobby of Tom’s and mine to complain about the kitchen. For plumbing concerns, visit sites like for professional help.

So we spent a couple of years planning our new kitchen and decided that the best time to do the work was in the slow season which is the heat of the summer for us.  We had to view the website of some cabinet makers too, to get some decent cabinets installed in our kitchen. It has been a grueling process that tested both our patience and our good natures at times but we are almost done.  All that is left is to paint and do the nit-picky stuff.

If you are planning to build a rustic country kitchen or a modern kitchen with this beautiful selection of wall and floor tilers you can make a great project.

Friday night we cooked our first meal in the kitchen.  We made up a batch of Mama Ronchi’s Marinara sauce.  It is Sunday morning and we are making a mess and fixing breakfast (only for ourselves).

It feels good to be back!  Life is starting to get back to normal.

Next week, we officially reopen the kitchen and the main house for guests.  Come on by sometime and we will show you all of the awesome changes that we made.

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