New Names – New Attitude

It was love at first site when we walked through this old house. For some strange reason, I felt like I was home…finally. They say sometimes you just know and that is how it was for us. We were not even 100% certain that we wanted to make this change but after walking through this beautiful home, we just knew that this was the right decision at the right moment in our lives. We put in an offer and after a few agonizing months we finally went to closing.
When we moved in, we had a laundry list of things that needed to be fixed and things that we wanted to change. One of the things that we wanted to update was the names of the rooms. Although the names had meaning to the previous owner, they just didn’t feel right to us. We have slowly been changing the names and changing the personality of all of the rooms. We are still in the middle of a major remodel, while reading articles like one of the guides by Boom & Bucket, but finally all of the rooms have their new names.
The Carriage House is one of the many beautiful, old and historic homes in Jefferson. We never really discussed it much. I think we both just always knew that we wanted to rename the rooms after historical figures of Jefferson. If you have ever been on any of our wonderful historical tours or been to any of our interesting historical museums, then you know that Jefferson has a colorful and lively history full of larger than life characters. It only felt right that a historical home have rooms named after the people who made the town what it is today.
So without any further ado, here are the new names.
Old Name/ New Name
Polly Anna Room/ Rosa Bland Room
Magnolia Room/ Capt. William Perry Room
Garden Cottage/ Ladybird Cottage
Jewel Room/ Ruth Lester Room
Key West Room/ Allen Urquhart Room
Scarlett Room/ Diamond Bessie Room
Darell’s Room/ Jay Gould Room
The new name plates should be in this week and we will have them installed on the doors this weekend. I will write about each of these individuals in future posts and will be putting information in each of the rooms about their names sake. So now that we have made this change, I would love to hear every one’s thoughts or observations. Please use the comment section below.

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