People Judge You by the Hostas You Keep

I feel gritty and dirty and sweaty.  I also have a Bug on me.  Not the type that you will see here and call your pest control guy over. Read these ant tips from Pelican Pest Control that are very effective for any kind of pests. This one has a cold wet nose and a wagging tail.  I promised myself that I would get this blog out tonight before I jumped in the shower and called it a day.  Once again, I have spent the entire day working out in my gardens…mulching.

A friend of mine calls his gardens, the Gardens of Weedin’, and I think I need to come up with something equally as clever.  Joe, like almost everyone else in Jefferson’s Historic District, takes incredible pride in his gardens. Living in Jefferson is a little bit like living in a botanical garden.  Every garden here is amazing!

When we lived in McKinney, I had the nicest gardens in our subdivision.  People would drive by and slow down just to study my front yard.  Our HOA stopped giving me the Yard of the Month because it wasn’t fair to everyone else. People would stop me while I was out walking the dogs and ask me plant questions.  I had the yard that all others were compared by.

Until we moved to Jefferson.  Now I have met my match.

Of course, I did start out with a few disadvantages.  The first was my yard.  You could not stand in the courtyard and see the street because it was so badly overgrown with weeds and those stinky, smelly palms.  We had an overgrown Wisteria bush that was choking one of our Elm trees.  In case you don’t know, Wisteria is a horribly invasive weed here in the South.  As pretty as it is when it blooms, I hate the stuff.  We had Wisteria growing into our attic, into our neighbors attic, into his neighbors attic.  You get the picture.

The other disadvantage was that I did not understand what grew here in this climate.  In the Dallas area, you plant anything that likes the heat and never wants to be watered.  Although, we are currently in a severe drought, I have to keep in mind that I now live in a wetland and plant accordingly.  In fact, moving to Jefferson, I changed an entire growing zone.  I went from 7b to 8a.  I recently had to explain to a nursery up north, where I had ordered some plants, that when the gators wake up, we stop worrying about a freeze.

I have had a lot of fun picking out plants. Gardening purists would tell me that I need to have a plan.  That I should have a blueprint of what my gardens will look like.  I should have a chart of what plants I will plant where. I should know my theme and stick to it.  That has never been my gardening style.

I have planted several Azaleas, Gardenias, and Camellias because I believe that every Southern garden should have these.

I have enjoyed looking through catalogs and picking out unique plants.  That is how the Pitcher Plants ended up by the AC condensation hose.  These strange plants love to eat mosquitoes and that area is real boggy.  I was so excited to put something there that would take care of my real pest problem. Pest problems can get gotten rid of with the help of pest control ft wayne. You need to take the help of a pest control service that offers healthy, comfortable, and clean environment solutions like pest control puyallup, which will provide the best solution to your problem and provide excellent customer service.

I have also enjoyed listening to my guest’s thoughts and ideas.

Last year, I had a lady come to me and remark that my gardens were lovely but were missing some Hostas.  She was very much bothered by this fact and brought it up several times during her visit.  So this year, I planted three  to honor her.  Of course, I did not buy any ordinary Hostas.  I special ordered a variety called Stained Glass Window.  They are right there…in the shade and under the Elm tree.  When she comes back to see me again, she can sit in the Garden Courtyard and drink her morning coffee and enjoy her Hostas.

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