Preview Weekend

We did it!
We had our first guests last weekend. Tom and I needed to practice our inn keeping skills and so we invited our families and closest friends out for a fun-filled weekend in picturesque Jefferson.

Since many of our friends and family had never been to Jefferson before, we took them to all of the fabulous spots in town and in the area. They all enjoyed the fun quaint stores and antique shops in town. Saturday afternoon, we took them on the “Graceful Ghost” boat tour of Caddo Lake. If you have never been to Caddo, then you don’t know just how beautiful that area really is. Caddo Lake is really more of a swamp then a lake and it is filled with beautiful birds, alligators, beavers and many other creatures. It was misting that day which gave the lake a very mystical, ethereal look to it. That night, everyone got to enjoy The Ghost Train. The wet and dreary weather only added to the scary ambiance.

What was the verdict…they loved Jefferson and had a fantastic time. Many of them are already making plans to come back and stay at The Carriage House again. We are looking forward to it!
This coming weekend, we have our first real test. We have our first “real” guest come stay with us. We can’t wait to meet these folks and we are looking forward to being able to serve them.

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