Spring Flower Bed Cleaning at the Carriage House Bed and Breakfast

Spring Flowers Blooming along Fence

Uugghh!  I give up.  I just can’t keep a manicure this time of year.  Not that I am a pretty, pretty princess.  I couldn’t pull it off if I tried and no one would let me get away with it any ways.  But seriously, I have spent the last week with black dirt under my fingernails …oh and dirty knees.

I have been in the gardens cleaning out weeds, dead plants and old moldy leaves for the last week.  The weather in Jefferson has been just  fabulous and I completely ran out of excuses for not getting my gardens back in shape.  I will admit it.  They really needed the attention.  Fall kinda snuck up on me this past year and I didn’t get everything prepped like I usually do.  So the gardens were begging for some serious attention.  My goal was to have them done before the Photography Weekend but that didn’t happen.  Too bad though,  I had a house full of photographers.  I bet I could have gotten some great shots of the place.

So I went to Lowes this past week and picked up a bunch of flats of annuals and talked to all of my fellow innkeepers there.  Seriously, Pam from the Delta Street Inn and Donna from the Benefield House were doing the exact same things as I was.  So I knew I was in very good company.  I started planting those flowers over the weekend and finished them this morning (in the cold no less).

Then Tom and I made a road trip to Tyler yesterday to buy some miniature roses.  I have one garden that Dixie and The Bug use as a cut through to the yard.  My thinking is that if there were some thorny roses there they might find another path into the yard and quit using my gardens.   I will let y’all know how this works out for me.  So far, the roses have not been a deterrent.

I placed a huge order back in February for some cool plants from my two favorite nurseries, Plant Delights in North Carolina  and Lazy S’S Farms (you had me at lazy) in Virginia and everything is supposed to be here by Friday.  So I have my work cut out for me getting this place ready for all of the baby perennials coming in later this week.

So if you are going to be in Jefferson this weekend, stop by the Carriage House Bed and Breakfast.  I will be the one in the yard with dirty fingernails and muddy knees.

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