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The Diamond Bessie Room gets a Facelift

One of the challenges to owning an old house is that there is ALWAYS maintenance to be done…and oh by the way, the warranty was up over a century ago.  Some of the work can be challenging such as old plumbing but other work can be fun such as picking out a new paint color or new curtains for the room.

I always hated the color of the Diamond Bessie Room.  It was this yellow buttery color that never went with the theme of the room.  We didn’t paint it that color.  It was that color when we bought the place.  The room badly needed a fresh coat of paint since it probably hasn’t been updated in 10 years or better.  However, other projects always took priority to this room getting repainted.  Finally, the Diamond Bessie’s number came up this week and the room is getting a fresh and new color of  paint.  I have chosen a darker, richer color of brown for this room.  I am hoping that this new paint color really amps up the elegance of the Diamond Bessie Room.

This is one of the benefits of staying at a Bed & Breakfast versus a hotel or motel.  We are always looking for new ways to improve our guest experience.  We are always looking at our rooms, our service, our breakfasts, and our packages to determine if it is the best that we can deliver.   Tom and I are always tweaking things so that we can make a stay at the Carriage House Bed and Breakfast the most romantic, the most adventurous, or the most relaxing place it can be for our guests.  That is why we say that staying at a B&B is a Better Way To Stay!

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