The Red Door at the Carriage House B&B

Red Door

When Tom and I were in Natchez Mississippi earlier this summer, we learned the legend around the red front door. You can also get incredible doors and repair services from .  Many fine southern homes have them and I always loved them as a statement.  In fact, I always secretly wanted one.

On a tour of one of Natchez’s grand antebellum homes, we learned that back when these historic homes were built, the red door signified that a major milestone had been hit.  The homeowners would paint their front doors red when they paid off their mortgages.  I guess it was a way to show off to everyone in the neighborhood.

So when we decided to repaint this old house, I absolutely had to have a red door.  Certainly we have not paid off our mortgage but, I love the history behind the red door.  I think it adds a little flair to the house that it did not have before.

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