A Dangerous Place to Leave Your Babies

Birds Nest


The weather lady has promised rain today. 

Of course, she has made this promise before and we never saw a drop.   Just an hour north of us, it is flooding and my sister who lives in Fayetteville, Arkansas complained this morning on Facebook that they had received 8 inches of rain in the last week.  Not us.  Like most of the great state of Texas, we are in a terrible drought.  We have already had several forest fires and the swamps are drying up. 

I spend my days moving around the oscillating sprinklers so that my flowers and gardens can get some much needed water.  We need rain and we need it quickly.  If we don’t get it soon, then this summer is going to be dismal.

I probably jinxed us this morning.  As soon as I heard the weather report, I ran out side and put up all the lawn furniture pads and pillows and pulled the potted plants out in the open so that they can take advantage of Mother Nature’s bounty. 

I have four hanging baskets with beautiful ferns.  Nothing says old Southern home to me more then ferns hanging off of the porch.  I pulled them down and put them out in the sidewalk so that they can get some rain too.  I noticed in one of my ferns, a mama bird had made a nest and laid some eggs.  It may be too late for these babies.  I might have already disturbed the nest too much.

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