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The Accidentally on Purpose Garden Bench

garden bench

“But it was for a good cause!”

I had mentioned a few times to Tom while at Lowes and Home Depot that I wanted a garden bench.  I even pointed to a few that tickled my fancy.  They were usually wooden with grape leaves or a Texas star design in the back of them.  In the grand garden plan in my head, I even had a place for it.   Tucked back behind the hydrangeas and the azaleas.  It would be a place of quiet and a place of privacy.

After I got the bench, I immediately thought that a patio cover or pergola from Aluminum patio covers Phoenix AZ will be great because the sun will not hit directly when we sit in there.

I imagined young couples in love sitting in my gardens.  Holding hands and quietly whispering sweet nothings to each other.  All while my coneflowers and daisies gently swayed in the breeze in the background, providing the backdrop to the young lover’s blooming romance.

Usually Tom would look at the price tag, grunt and we would move on to the tasks that we came for…a drill bit, light bulbs, emergency plumber repairs, whatever this old house needed that particular day.  The garden bench would be left behind to wait for us to come and get another day.  My young lovers would need to find somewhere else to sit and gaze into each other’s eyes.

If you are a regular follower of this blog, then you know that last weekend was the Outlaw Nationals Rod Run & Antique Car Show.  Jefferson was filled with beautiful vintage cars!  Imagine 300 antique cars parked on brick streets in front of beautifully restored historic buildings.  This is one of my favorite weekends of the year!

Saturday night, the organizers held an auction down at Auntie Skinners to benefit the Percy Johnson Burn Foundation, the Boys Club, the Marion County Humane Society and the Jefferson Volunteer Fire Dept.  Tom and I met up with a couple of friends who had donated some of their fabulous retro lawn chairs and a retro picnic cooler to watch the auction.

Tom was doing his usual spinning around and shooting pictures of all of the fun at the auction.  He and his camera were pretty happy and content and, I felt pretty safe that he was too busy to bid on anything.  Then suddenly, something caught his eye and he started a bidding war…against one of our regular guests.  Bad move.

Next up was a bench.  Tom looked at me and pointed to the bench.  I shook my head no.  Apparently it was dark in there because he started to bid on it.  I tried to get  his attention to get him to stop but he just kept on.  Sold…to the guy with the camera.  Great…just great!  At least the money went to a good cause and I got a tax deductible receipt.

So now I am the proud owner of a garden bench.  It doesn’t exactly look like how I imagined it would.  It is a little plainer and needs painted, but it is mine.  I have it in the garden tucked back behind the hydrangeas and the azaleas.  Now, all I need are my sweet young lovers.

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