Carriage House Bed & Breakfast Kitchen Renovation Update


I hate Packing.  I mean, I REALLY hate packing.  I spent all day yesterday packing up the kitchen and was constantly looking for something else to do but pack.  Not a surprise, I found plenty of other projects and things to do but clear out my cabinets.  I even went to a movie with friends.  BTW, Don’t go see Friends with Benefits.  It is pretty awful!!

However, I have ran out of time and I have to put my nose to the grindstone and finish everything today.  Blech!  They begin demoing the kitchen Wednesday morning.  I told Tom this morning that we are NEVER moving again.  If we do, we sell the house with all of it’s contents all the way down to the underwear in the drawers.

Just as a quick side note.  Apparently Tom and I are winos.  I have packed up over 30 wine glasses already and I am still finding them.   What are we worried about?  The world is going to end and we won’t have a proper Cabernet glass.


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