Rat Poison and Dogs Don’t Mix!

Yesterday was just pure chaos here at the Carriage House Bed and Breakfast.  I felt like a ringmaster in a three ring circus.  We had the painters on one side of the house, scrapping and prepping the wood for new paint.  We had the builder and his subs out in the breezeway.  They were demoing and roughing in my new pantry.  I was trying to do all of the final packing of the kitchen and Tom, bless his heart, was trying very hard to find a quiet place to work.

In the middle of the chaos,  the pest control  lady from pest control barrie shows up for our monthly service.To avail pest control services you can also contact experts from #1 Bed Bug Exterminator in Toronto Canada! Control-Removal-Treatments as they can help you out in controlling pests and bugs.Now I know I am always pointing at The Bug and saying we need to get the pest control company out to deal with our Bug problem, but seriously, I was just kidding. I adore the little puppy even if she does go out of her way to bug me and drive me crazy. And drive me crazy she does.  As I am writing she is trying to pull the sheets off of the bed.

Now a dear friend of ours who is a Master Gardener diagnosed my yard yesterday morning as having grubs and ants.  This makes sense since we are the only ones on our block watering.  Everyone else has decided to let their yards die and everything (critters and bugs) is looking for water right now in this drought.  So when the pest control lady who came from the well known firm of pest control san diego, I asked her if she could treat the grass for bugs.

She had her hands full of rat poison blocks to refill our stations and so she had to put them down to look at her schedule.  Dixie gingerly grabbed one of the rat poison blocks off of the table and ran into the yard where she started eating it.  Bug went nuts trying to scoop up all of the crumbs and pick up the pieces that Dixie dropped.  Both the Pest Control lady and I dove to grab all of the poison from the dogs and keep them from eating any more then they already had. So, if you’re having pest problems, you may look for a company that utilizes a software like https://www.fieldroutes.com/industries/pest-control-software to effectively rid your home of pests without compromising the safety of your pets or kids.

The Pest Control Lady called her boss to see if the girls needed to go to the vet but I wasn’t waiting around for an answer.  I put them both on their leashes and rushed them to the Dr.

The good news is that we got them both to the vet in time.  Doc gave them both some medicine to make them throw up and started them on Vitamin K, which I keep calling Special K for some reason.  He is hopeful that none of the poison even made it into their system.  Certainly they are acting like themselves.  Dixie, being an older lady, is just laying around and supervising the work and The Bug is looking for mischief and trouble (which she undoubtedly will find).

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