Fun with the Pulpwood Queens

This past Tuesday night, Tom and I attended the final Summer Book and Author Series put on by Kathy Patrick and the Pulpwood Queens book club. We had a blast and I couldn’t wait to tell all of you about it. The featured novelist at this amazing event was David Marion Wilkinson. I can tell you that a good time was had by all!

David’s discussed his book, “Not Between Brothers” while we slipped along the waters of the Big Cypress Bayou on Johnny Nance’s Turning Basin Bayou Tour boats. Although the evening was hot, the topic was cool.

The book, Not Between Brother, details life in Texas between the 1820s and the 1860s.

Here is a recap of the novel from Publishers Weekly.

Spanning three decades in the early 19th century that saw the birth and early years of the Independent Republic of Texas, this well crafted, gripping first novel portrays three cultures-Mexican, white immigrant and Comanche-in bloody collision. In 1826, lured by the promise of land and freedom, ambitious young Louisianian Remy Fuqua joins the tide of white immigration to Texas, where the Mexicans and Comanches already have strong roots. Remy’s marriage to Beatrice, daughter of a wealthy Mexican family, brings both joy and pain, for he must give up his Anglo life. During a Comanche raid, Beatrice and their three children are captured by Kills White Bear, a brutal war chief. Although Remy rescues his wife and daughter, he loses both sons; one is killed, the other is kept by Kills White Bear and raised as his own child. Remy’s life is further shaken when Beatrice bears the Comanche chief’s son. Through the years, Remy fights alongside Sam Houston for Texan independence, rides with the new Texas Rangers against the Comanche and struggles to keep his family together. Texas’s secession from the Union in 1861 finally forces Remy to flee west, into a dramatic confrontation with Kills White Bear, the two sons they claim in common and Beatrice.

Oh by the way, David loves wedding cake and said the he will crash a wedding just for the cake. So we all had a special treat that night of wedding cake and home made ice cream. YUM!

We still have a couple of rooms left for Girlfriend Weekend, January 13th – 16th. Early Bird ticket sales have been brisk according to Kathy Patrick and all tickets go up to regular pricing on September 1. So purchase your tickets now.

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