Pardon Our Dust – More Remodeling.

Sometimes I feel like I am living an episode of “This Old House”. In fact, I wish I had the budget and the contractors that they have on “This Old House”. We are beginning another couple of phases of remodeling this week. The house may look a little unfinished for a while but the completed product will be fabulous.

Here is a short list of projects ahead of us for the remainder of 2010 and the first half of 2011.

  • Repair and repaint the walls of the Diamond Bessie. We will be painting the walls a rich brown.
  • Repair and repaint the walls of the Ruth Lester (f.k.a Jewel Room). Don’t worry, we are staying the same color.
  • Repair and repaint all exterior walls of all 3 buildings. We begin work on this tomorrow.
  • Repair and repaint all porches.
  • Replace all pedestal sinks with cabinet sinks for more counter top space.
  • Install bathroom amoires in the Diamond Bessie, the Ruth Lester and the Ladybird Cottage
  • Replace claw foot tubs in the Allen Urquhart and Ruth Lester with jacuzzi whirlpool claw foot tubs. This one is my personal favorite.
  • Blow up and completely redo the kitchen. This is a big one!!!

Phew! This is a lot of work. I am not looking ofrward to all of the dust and tripping over the trades. However, the end product will be fabulous.

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