Historical Jefferson

There was a wonderful quote in today’s Jefferson Jimplecute that I just had to share. A contractor that the city of Jefferson is working with on a water project said that “archaeologists eyes light up when they hear the word Jefferson.” I couldn’t help myself from giggling a little. When you live in an old town like Jefferson, you get used to living in and around history. You are persistently reminded that many others have walked and lived here before you.
The Carriage House is considered to be new construction (that will be supervised by the experts from Sydney knock down rebuild) even though the house is 100 years old. As we have been restoring the gardens we have found many old foundations, boundary lines, rusted chains, large pieces of window glass (view my site to know the best window replacement services available here), etc. The fire barriers were done based on his explanation. Old pictures from the Civil War show either a church or a house on this lot. I have no idea what was here before this old house was built but I intend to find out. One of my projects for the winter is to begin to research the history of this house and this lot. There are many questions that I have and no answers yet.
Hopefully my research project will allow another page to be written in the history book that is Jefferson, Texas. Who knows what I will turn up.

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