The New Year’s Eve Door Prize…Whose raffle ticket is it?


Terry Ward

Guest Blog by Tom Lester

Happy New Year and Takk for Sist!!  May 2012 be prosperous beyond even your financial accomplishments.

I am not going to break away from the norm so I am once again going to brag about the terrific town of Jefferson .  There are so many parties and venues in and about Jefferson on New Year’s Eve, and we always find it difficult to choose how  to spend our last night of the year. There have been days when we’d been inebriated ad nauseam at a bull riding competition and days when we spent it in a farmhouse.

For the second year in a row my wife, Stephanie, and I attended the New Year’s Eve Gala at the Jefferson Carnegie Library.  It was a magical night of great music, dancing and friendship.  This is definitely one of the most enjoyable opportunities to see your friends and to meet new ones while bringing in the New Year.

The door prizes were excellent as well. Which brings me to the raffle and the question of the night…whose raffle ticket is it?

As part of the admission fee, everyone receives a raffle ticket. Two admission fees per couple so therefore two raffle tickets per couple. These raffle tickets potentially could win you fabulous prizes donated by local businesses.

When the first raffle number of the night was pulled, one of our two numbers was called.  Of course, immediately Stephanie claims it as hers. I have no idea how she thought that specific one was hers, the tickets were still attached together.  I had been eyeing all night a cask strength single malt scotch, donated by Tony and Marsha Jones. Stephanie, with HER ticket, saunters up to the to the prize table and informs me that my number had not been called yet.  Since we were the first chosen, we had first pick of the prizes.  She took the bottle from my cold dead hand, places it back on the table and chooses the original drawing by Terry Ward, a local accomplished artist.

She informs me the scotch will be drank within a very short period of time.  I agreed whole heartily with that statement.  However she informed me that Terry’s art work is one of a kind, dear to our hearts, and will be with us forever.  I love Terry,  but, FOREVER??  I guess it was Stephanie’s ticket after all and I gladly allowed her to pick the print by Terry Ward. Thank You Terry for your generosity and contributions to the Jefferson Carnegie Library and to the City of Jefferson.

BTW,  I’m  good friends with the person that won the scotch.Carnegie Library



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