The Transformation Begins

I have been threatening this since the day we moved in. I have talked about it and planned for it. I have mentioned it to others to gain their approval. I have described it in detail and gotten bids on it. The time for talk has passed. It began this week.

I am writing about the remodeling of the Ladybird Cottage (f/k/a the Garden Cottage). The paint was yellowing and was badly stained in areas. The carpet was worn and dingy. The quilt was threadbare and had holes in the pillow cases. Several of our guest complained about a musty odor in that room. The Ladybird Cottage was dark and uninviting.

I had enough of this gloomy and dank room and so the transformation begins!

We are having all of the walls painted a bright white and the trim painted a cheerful green. The dingy dark carpet is coming out tomorrow 11/18 and a Swedish Maple laminate is being installed. On December 1, I will be going back to McKinney to pick up a brand new handmade quilt for the bed. I have only seen the quilt in pieces but I have had it described to me as “happy”. I have purchased a new bed skirt and other new linens for the room. By time I am finished, the room will no longer be dark and dreary but bright and cheerful.

I was able to get such a great price on the laminate that I am also having the Diamond Bessie room (f/k/a the Scarlett Room) done as well. The carpet in that room is stained and filthy. It also needs to be stretched and re-cut. After the holidays, I will be purchasing new curtains and linens for that room and getting rid of the matchy-matchy bed in a bag look that it has right now.

Stay tuned for my next post where I will talk about the garden restoration project.

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