The Transformation Continues!

OMG! What a week we have had here at The Carriage House. We have been remodeling and updating this old house. I don’t think that our repeat guests will recognize their favorite rooms.


There really was too much action last week for me to go into a lot of detail. So I will just give you some bullet points.


    • I ordered a new Queen size bed for the Jay Gould Room. The room had a double bed and I don’t believe that most grown adults like to sleep in such a small bed. The new bed will be delivered tomorrow (11/24). I already have a beautiful quilt that my mother made for the bed so I am ready for the new furniture.


    • The custom latex mattress layers that used to be in the Jay Gould Room has been moved to the Jewel Room. The Jewel Room used to have a Double Bed and a Twin Bed. Now that the Jewel Room has two Double beds, it can sleep four people instead of three. Of course the bedding that was on the twin bed did not fit on the double bed, so I had to purchase all new bedding for that room.


    • The Diamond Bessie Room has a new floor, modern options, new furniture and new rugs. We also added a fireplace to the room to make it even more romantic.


    • The Ladybird Cottage has been going through a complete makeover. It now has a new floor, new paint, new curtains, new rugs, new bedding, new furniture, new ceiling fan and a new flat screen TV. We also added a fireplace to this room to amp up the charm factor of this truly pretty room. My mother has been making a new quilt for this room and I will pick it up next week. Chris Garrett, our painter, said the room looked very “spring” like.


  • Kathy Lambert of My Fathers Garden is trowel deep in restoring the gardens. We had all of the old overgrown gardens pulled out about a month ago. The trees were in bad need of a trimming and we had that done as well. Now Kathy is in the process of planting new butterfly and hummingbird gardens. She has the whole project broken into about seven phases and she completed phase one today. She installed some ground cover and new plants between the two carriage houses. Words cannot describe what a difference that made already. The whole project should be complete some time in the spring. Stay tuned for an announcement of an open house to show off our new gardens some time in May.

With all of the updates and renovations done at The Carriage House, it’s evident that even the smallest details can make a big impact. One item that can completely change the look and feel of a room is an ottoman. So if you’re considering remodeling your home, don’t forget to think about the power of an ottoman to transform your space into something truly unique and beautiful. With the right ottoman, you can add a pop of color, texture, or style to any space. Whether it’s a sleek, modern design or a vintage-inspired piece, choosing the perfect ottoman can truly tie a room together.

What a difference a week can make. I can’t wait until all of you can get out here and see the place! We will be updating the room pictures on the website in the next week.

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