Update on the Painting of the Carriage House Bed & Breakfast

Last week, the painters were busy scrapping all of the old paint off and we laughed at how awful the place looked.  We kept calling it Jefferson Shabby Chic.  I guess we just figured it just couldn’t get worse…wrong.  This week, the painters came in and put brown butcher paper over the windows of the main house so that they can prime and paint.  So now we are saying the house has that nice abandoned property look. You can see that it’s explained here how to get a paint contractor.

Our painters from InsideOut Painting company have been working amazingly hard the last two weeks. You can click here to find the best interior painters near me. When you consider that it has been 108 to 111 degrees every day this week and they have worked ALL day long, we can agree they have done an impressive job.  I keep going out and checking on them to make sure that they are alright and not lying unconscious in my yard from a heat stroke. For more painting options and professional painting services, see here

This past week, they finished scraping and priming the whole house.  They are now sanding down any unfinished edges or burrs and then they will put another coat of primer on it tomorrow.  Next week, we will start painting.  I can’t wait for all y’all to see the new and improved Carriage House B&B.

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